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    BonoSleep™ Device
    BonoSleep™ Device
    BonoSleep™ Device
    BonoSleep™ Device
    BonoSleep™ Device
    BonoSleep™ Device
    BonoSleep™ Device
    BonoSleep™ Device
    BonoSleep™ Device
    BonoSleep™ Device
    BonoSleep™ Device
    BonoSleep™ Device
    BonoSleep™ Device
    BonoSleep™ Device

    Sleep Deeply, Awake Rejuvenated: Your Path to Natural Sleep and Anxiety Relief

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    A drug-free solution to insomnia, stress, and anxiety

    BonoSleep™ is lab-tested handheld sleep aid device that helps you fall asleep naturally and sleep deeper.

    If you’ve been struggling with insomnia, stress, or sleeplessness, you’re not alone. But with BonoSleep™, you can finally get the quality sleep you need without the use of drugs or medications.

    Sleep better

    Wake up feeling refreshed

    Anxiety relief

    No addictive medications or side effects

    It's amazing ! Works wonders on my kids and for us adults. Very calming ! Definitely worth the buy

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    No questions asked 90 days return policy for your peace of mind.


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    More than 50,000 people are sleeping better.

    Sleep Better, Feel Better

    Science has linked poor sleep with a number of health problems, from weight gain to a weakened immune system. Let’s fix that without any sleep addictive drugs!


    Tossing and Turning at Night?

    It sounds unbelievable that by holding this handheld sleep aid device you can sleep better. But it's all thanks to the synergy of the advanced Electrotherapy Stimulation and Traditional Chinese Medicine which has been practiced for centuries.

    The BonoSleep utilizes advanced electrotherapy technology, emitting small micro-current waves that travel through your hand, targeting the Laogong acupuncture point. This precise stimulation activates the body's natural relaxation response, calming the nervous system and facilitating a faster transition into sleep.


    Sleep Like a Baby...

    These gentle pulses not only help to reduce mental chatter and soothe an overactive mind, but they also foster a greater sense of tranquility and relaxation, allowing you to enjoy a profound and rejuvenating night's sleep.

    Heating function. Science has proven that heating the extremities (hands or feet) improves sleep quality, shortens the time to fall asleep, and reduces awakenings during sleep due to the body's thermoregulatory response.

    Combining electrotherapy and heating makes BonoSleep a powerful tool in the fight against insomnia.

    Over 20 Years of Expertise

    We have partnered with Professor Guo Xiheng, an expert in sleep disorders, to ensure the effectiveness of the BonoSleep. With over two decades of experience in clinical and scientific research, Professor Guo holds the position of director at the Sleep Respiratory Center.

    Through our collaboration with Professor Guo, we have successfully merged the wisdom of holistic healing practices with his extensive knowledge of sleep to create a truly reliable and effective solution for improving sleep quality.

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    What it's for?

    BonoSleep™ is the solution for you, whether you struggle with insomnia, stress, or anxiety.

    By simply using it before sleep, you can fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper sleep without the need to change your routine or obtain a prescription.

    Use it whenever you feel anxious: during flights, doctor appointments, anxiety attacks, work-related anxiety, or public speaking.

    With our 90-day risk-free trial, you'll discover why 92% of sleepers reported a significant improvement in their sleep quality.


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    How to use BonoSleep™

    We’re so confident in the effectiveness of BonoSleep that we offer a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee.

    Step 1.

    Once you are ready to sleep, turn on the BonoSleep and hold it in your palm.

    Step 2.

    You will feel small electrical pulses. Adjust the intensity and focus on the pulses.

    Step 3.

    Soon you will start to drift away. The BonoSleep will slip out of your hand.

    Step 3.

    Wrist strap will keep it close in case you would need it later during the night. Device turns off after 20 min.

    How does
    BonoSleep™ compare?

    Bono Sleep

    Sleeping Pills

    Improves sleep

    Fall asleep faster

    100% natural



    No tolerance build up

    Unlimited use

    One time purchase

    Satisfied or refunded

    Over 2000+ Positive Reviews

    100% Customer satisfaction with 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

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    We’re so confident in the effectiveness of BonoSleep that we offer a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee.

    Plus, with fast USA shipping, you’ll receive your device in just 2-5 business days. Check availability now to get the quality sleep you deserve.